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Toronto Badminton Open (Umpired in 1998).                                                                                                                                             March 13, 2019



             Welcome to the New Badminton Season 2018-2019.

                Two Badminton clubs at 2 locations, Monday, Wednesday. (Friday club closed because of lack of players until there are more than 10 players interested to join.)

Open every Monday, Wednesdayevenings, 8:15pm to 10:15pm, 

             you can join as new members (2018-2019) $60/Season, previous years members $50,

             or just drop in at $4/night, please check details below.

  Cancellations: 2018: Oct. 8,22,31. Nov. 7.   Dec. 5,24,26,28,31.  

                            2019: Jan. 2,4. Feb. 18. Mar. 11,13,15.  April 19,22.  May 15,20. Last day June 14.



1. Richmond Hill Badminton Club, opens every Monday 8:15pm to 10:15pm. (click here for details)  MAP  

2. Thornlea Badminton Club, opens every Wednesday 8:15pm to 10:15pm.  (click here for details) . MAP

3. Woodland Badminton Club opens every Friday 8:15pm to 10:15pm. (click here for details)




Clubs are opened till June12, 2019.




Monday, Wednesday,Friday Competitive and recreation Badminton Clubs from 8::15pm to 10:15pm at 3 locations in Richmond Hill & Thornhill (Markham) area, please read the new rules< (Click here for details), (all guest players are welcome and guaranty to play)


   2018-19 Badminton Season Now Started 

Membership fee 2018-19: Previous year members pay discounted $50, new members pay $60. Specify Monday or Wednesday or Friday night, no exchange to different nights. Please submit fee to Charles Chow at the Club or call for arrangement at  first come first serve. Drop in guest fee is $4 per night. Limited guest number.

Badminton Club rules< (Click here for details) must be followed. 請查看會規****

(Only members in good standing/behavior can renew their membership, drop in are always available.


Monday nights: RH Badminton Club< (click here for details).   MAP < (Click here for details) At Richmond Hill Hi School, 201 Yorkland St. (1st street East of Yonge, North of Elgin Mills Rd.  South of 19th Avenue. 6 shining hard wood courts.

Starts Sept.17, 2018 ends June 10, 2019. .

Cancellations: read on top.


Wednesday nights: Thornlea (Wed) Badminton Club< (click here for details) . MAP (Click here for details) At Thornlea Secondary School, 8075 Bayview Ave. just south of Hwy07, on east side. Wednesday 6 courts in main gym. Starts Sept.19 2018, ends June 12, 2019.

Cancellations: 2017: read on top.


Friday nights: Woodland PS (Fri) Badminton Club< (click here for details) . 120 Royal Orchard Blvd, Thornhill, just west of Bayview Ave, one north of John St. (check the map before entering the Rogal Orchard Blvd. a little tricky) Closed until there are more than 10 players want to join as members.

Starts Sept.20, 2017 ends June 14, 2019.


The Badminton Club runs by a OBA registered Level III Coach, NCCP Official (Umpire). Any enquiry please email to cchow39@yahoo.comor call Charles at 416 418-4184. (周文博- 精通廣東,普通,上海話和英語)

Coaching  Want to learn to play badminton better and correctly? OBA registered level III coach can teach you the right way to play badminton, one to one coaching at $100 for 4 lessons. ($30 per hour for 2 players, $35 per hour for 3 or more players.)

Umpire  OBA registered provincial umpire available for tournaments and championships.


 Rackets Stringing: Badminton, Tennis and Squash stringing Starts from $24 with Yonex 65 strings.


Warning: Do not buy strings from a guy call Roger at Leslie and Hwy 7 south area, most of his string won't last one or two games or break during stringing, and he will not refund your money.                   




2008 Canada No. 1 Lady badminton Player Anna Rice with L.II/III Coach & P.Umpire Charles Chow


2003 Toronto and York Region High School Championships 


2004 Toronto and York Region High School Championships   


2005 Toronto and York Region High School Championships & Toronto Private School Championships  


2006 Toronto and York Region High School Championships


2007 Toronto High School Championships


2009 Toronto Pulbic and Private High School Championships




  Alice Yeung is awarded Life time membership (Friday night Club)




Badminton Websites:

1. Ontario Badminton Association  To join, Tournaments info, Rankings, where to play.

2. Badminton Central   Where to play Internationally

3. International Badminton Federation  Badminton laws.

4. Badminton Video Magazine  Badminton news, videos.

5. Badminton Canada  A lot of international news & about everything in Badminton

click Mail to Charles Chow   cchow39@yahoo.com

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